Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for $10?

You get a commemorative Kwanzaa cup, a map, and a wristband that allows you entry to any of the 17 bars in the crawl and access to all of the drink specials offered by each of the participating bars. You also get a chance to help us make Brooklyn black history! NOTE: Kwanzaa cups are now sold up, due to high demand. But, you can still purchase your wristband and map, to participate. You will not be allowed into any of the participating venues without a wristband.


17 Bars sounds like a lot. Will we go to all in one day?

You can certainly try, but the crawl is set up so that each team hits 4-5 bars in an 8 hour period. Should you wish to ditch your team momentarily, and head to another bar nearby---you are more than welcomed!

As long as you have your wristband, you will be guaranteed entry into any of the bars in the crawl. Venues have varying capacities. If you leave your team, and show up at another bar that is already at capacity, security reserves the right to hold the door at their discretion.


What happens if I come late?

If you miss the meet up at Restoration Plaza,  head straight to the Crawl Base in the zone you’re starting in to get your wristband,  map, and  Kwanzaa Crawl cup. You can stay there and continue the crawl with that team, or you can check your map and catch up with another team based on their listed route times.  The Crawl bases are 333 Lounge @ 333 Flatbush Ave and Brooklyn Beso @ 370 Lewis Ave.


How will we know exactly which bars are on our route?

You won't know until you get there. That's part of the fun. IF there's a bar you really want to go to, then pick it as your starting point. After that, anything goes. IT'S NICE TO PICK YOUR FAVE HANGOUT SPOT, BUT IT'LL ALSO BE NICE TO EXPERIENCE A VENUE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO! c'mon, guys. live a little! :)


What will I need in order to check in on the day of the event?

In order to receive a wristband, you must have valid photo ID that says you’re over 21. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up a wristband/cup for a friend, no matter how convenient it may be for the both of you. This is non-negotiable.


What if I didn't purchase my tix online, but I want to join the crawl?

If you want to join the crawl, then you should purchase tix online.


Will there be food?

Most venues will be serving appetizers and food that you can eat on the go, but you should definitely eat before you crawl. We will also have a jerk stand, corn soup man, and a food truck stationed along the routes.


Do all of the bars accept credit cards?

Yes. However, we strongly encourage you to bring cash to help things move as quickly as possible.


How late will the crawl last?

All teams will be arriving at their last bars at or around 9pm. We’ll go until party done.


How will we get from bar to bar?

Bars are grouped together by zones. All bars in a zone are within walking distance from one another, so we will be walking.

You should NOT drive home if you’ve been drinking. Not even for a second.  


How will we get from Restoration Plaza to the Africa Zone?

We’re from brooklyn! we're arranging for a fleet of dollar vans to carry us over yonder. If Donovan and his cronies fail to show, We’ll take the train 3 stops like we usually do. Except it’ll be more fun b/c there’ll be hundreds of us, like a mini- Labor Day parade on the subway. Can you say “Worldstar?!!!”


It’s December. What if it’s cold?

Prepare for it. Dress warm. Wear layers. There won’t be any time for coat check, so pack light. But---once the liquor hits you, you’ll feel no pain. We’ll also be singing and dancing while we walk from bar to bar. Stay upbeat, and you stay warm!


Aren’t you worried about drunk black people in the streets re: the NYPD?

Yes. It’s why we told them about the event. They were grateful that we informed them, and we won’t have to worry about being asked why 1,000 black people in bright colors are walking the streets.


What if I lose my map and lose my team and my cell phone is dead?

If one of the aforementioned instances occurs, you can always head to the Crawl Base and an Operation Mobilize team member stationed there will help you find your way. But if all three happens, you may just need to take yo’ drunk ass home!


Who is Operation Mobilize?

Operation Mobilize is a grassroots organization founded by comedian/writer Kerry Coddett (@Overfab) in July 2016, alongside her talent manager and former ad exec, Krystal Stark, and Jamaal Patterson, a community leader and investment strategist the pair have known since grade school. The trio operate as a think tank, constantly brainstorming actionable and tangible ways that everyday people can become involved in their community. Once they’ve found a new initiative, they take to the streets, mobilizing the masses to take action in whatever shape it may be, getting help from tons of friends and volunteers along the way.


Why Kwanzaa Crawl?

It’s an extension of Operation Mobilize’s mission to harness black buying power and establish "best practices” for supporting the black local economy. They are committed to highlighting how those practices can be implemented through our everyday actions.

Given the spending of black consumers and Kwanzaa’s emphasis on supporting black culture, and taking into consideration that many Black people don’t know much about Kwanzaa, this crawl is an opportunity to educate people and make Kwanzaa cool again.


Isn’t Kwanzaa a made up holiday?

Even though Kwanzaa has only been in existence for 50 years, the literal translation, “first fruits of harvest,” is a tradition that is present in many religions. The principles and foundation of Kwanzaa were adapted from African principles, traditions and culture, so it’s really not that new at all.   

Also, all holidays are made up.


What does Kwanzaa have to do with this bar crawl?

This crawl embodies all 7 principles of Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa Crawl is about bringing people in the community together, or Umoja, which means (Unity).

A team of black and brown creatives used the resources available to them in order to make an event of this scale happen. That’s both Kujichagulia (Self Determination) and Ujima (collective work and responsibility).

Kwanzaa Crawl creates an opportunity for black people to harness their buying power, and that’s Ujamaa (cooperative economics).

The planning, marketing, writing, and designing demonstrated Kuumba (creativity).

Creating an event which focuses on investing in your community to improve your quality of life is Nia (purpose).

Getting the owners of 16 bars to open up for business on Monday, a day that many small businesses cannot afford to open, on the hope that the community will show up is Imani (faith).