12:00 PM || Doors Open at Meet Up Point

12:30 PM || Registration Begins


12:30PM || Doors Open at Meet Up Point

1:00 PM || Registration Begins


Registration: The Pre- Crawl

Think of registration as the turn up before the turn up. We’ll start with a brief Kwanzaa Ceremony, make a few important announcements, and sing Lift Every Voice and Sing aka the Black National Anthem.

You’ll check in, get your wristband, map, and cup, then find the rest of your team. Get a chance to mingle, dance, take photos, and get acquainted before we crawl out.

Once everyone is checked in and all of the teams are assembled, your team leader will lead you to all of the bars on your route---starting with the bar that you selected when you purchased your tickets.

Crawling Out

Have you ever been in a part of a float in a parade? Well, it’s just like that! Each team has their marching orders and once we’re all assembled, we’ll leave the meet up point together. Some teams will walk, some will take the train, others will hop in a Kwanzaa Crawl Dollar Van shuttle.

3:00 PM ||  All bars open for business as the first team arrives.

4:30 PM || Late registration center opens.

5:00 PM || Teams switch to their second bar.

7:00 PM || Teams switch to their third bar.

8:00 PM || Late registration center closes.

9:00 || Teams switch to fourth bar

10:30 || All access to all venues.