Rules to Crawl By!

1.        Crawlers MUST be at least 21 years old! WRISTBANDS ARE REQUIRED FOR ENTRY.


2.        Do NOT leave the venue with alcohol.


3.      Be nice to your fellow crawlers and the staff at the venues.


4.       Absolutely NO drinking and driving. You know better than that.


5.       Eat before you crawl.


6.       Neither Kwanzaa Crawl or the participating venues are liable for property or persons. You are accountable for  your own actions and the responsible handling of alcohol. We have a ZERO POLICY on foolishnesses, we are all adults! SEE RULE #8.


7.       KWANZAA CRAWL and the participating venues have the right to ban participants from the crawl at anytime, if they act irresponsibly or are too intoxicated. SEE RULE #8.


8.      Don't be an ASSHOLE. DO NOT MESS THIS UP!