Who We Are

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Kwanzaa Crawl is a one-day event that brings people of the African diaspora together to support Black owned businesses in their communities. Heading into our 4th annual year, we have hosted over 8,000 crawlers. We’ve expanded from 17 black-owned businesses in Brooklyn in our inaugural year to over 30 businesses in Brooklyn and Harlem, last year, cumulatively raising over $250,000 for these businesses.

Created by Sisters

Kerry Coddett & Krystal Stark

The event is an extension of their organization Operation Mobilize, a community-based resource for people of color providing actionable strategies to counter the political and economic effects of systemic oppression.

Operating under the seven principles of Kwanzaa, the aim of Kwanzaa Crawl is to harness Black buying power, establish best practices for supporting the local black economy and bring awareness to Black owned businesses. The result is an unforgettable event that promotes unity within our community and demonstrates our power as a collective unit.

Our Founders

Kerry Coddett

Kerry Coddett

Krystal Stark

Krystal Stark


Kwanzaa Crawl Embodies All 7 Principles of Kwanzaa

The Largest One-Day Celebration of Kwanzaa

UMOJA | Unity

Kwanzaa Crawl is about bringing people in the community together.

KUJICHAGULIA | Self Determination & UJIMA | Collective Work and Responsibility

A team of Black and brown creatives use the resources available to them in order to make an event of this scale happen.

UJAMAA | Cooperative Economics

Kwanzaa Crawl creates an opportunity for black people to harness their buying power.

KUUMBA | Creativity

The planning, marketing, writing, and designing demonstrates creativity.

NIA | Purpose

Creating an event which focuses on investing in your community to improve your quality of life is purpose

IMANI | Faith

Getting the owners of over 25 bars to open up for business on the day after Christmas, with the hope that the community will show up is faith.