Kwanzaa, Actually

A Funny Web Series

It’s Rob’s favorite time of the year, the Holiday Season. But to his girlfriend Kerry’s dismay, Rob doesn’t celebrate the holiday she loves the most—Kwanzaa! In a series of conversations, Kerry clears up Rob’s criticisms and misconceptions about the widely misunderstood celebration of black heritage. By dismantling the myths and answering objections through real and hilarious conversations, Kerry eventually convinces Rob—and anyone watching—that the First Fruits of the Harvest is a wondrous celebration just as cool as Yule.

I don’t speak African!

 Kerry just wants to celebrate Kwanzaa, but Rob refuses to learn about his own culture.

What’s Kwanzaa’s purpose?

Kerry lays down the seven principles of Kwanzaa.  Rob has no room in his life for more traditions… unless they involve Beyoncé. 

Isn’t Kwanzaa a made up holiday?

 Rob doesn’t fully understand the concept of a holiday. Kerry breaks it down for him.

Kwanzaa needs a mascot!

Rob dismisses the life achievements of one man based on his criminal record. Kerry and Rob find Kwanzaa's mascot.