How the Crawl Works

JOIN THE CRAWL by choosing the borough and selecting a ticket for the first bar on your route.

  • This is the team you’ll be crawling with.

  • You’ll be taken from bar to bar by a Kwanzaa Crawl team leader.

  • Teams can have anywhere from 25 to 225 people.

  • Teams may join other teams, criss cross, split up, get back together, and at our super venues---multiple teams will show up to the same bar at the same time!

All of our team leaders are certified in turnt, and will play music, shout chants, and lead you in song as you travel through the streets.

YOUR ROUTE is predetermined and you won’t know all of the bars your team will hit until you get your map at registration. That’s a big part of the fun!

  • Your team hits a minimum of 4 bars, and it’s designed so that all teams rotate from bar to bar, at the same time.

  • We have thousands of Crawlers participating, so the Crawl is designed for you to crawl with your team to ensure that there’s enough capacity.

  • There are limited All Access tickets available, that grant entry to any participating bar in your borough, provided it’s not at maximum capacity already.

  • After 10:30 PM. all bands become All Access and crawlers can roam freely throughout both the crawl zones.

OVER 30 BARS in Brooklyn and Harlem will be open during special hours to welcome Kwanzaa Crawlers with dope DJs, drink specials, foods, prizes, and giveaways.

  • Hashtag #KwanzaaCrawl2018 in all of your posts! We’re giving away awards on social media for best outfit, littest team, best DJ, dopest venue, best customer service, and more.

This event is about unity, so moving as a collective is a recurring theme throughout the day.  

Before The Crawl


Meet Up Point

Doors Open at 12:00 PM

Boys and Girls High School, 1700 Fulton St.

Late Registration Center

Open from 4:30 PM to 8 PM

Kings Beer Hall, 84 St Marks Pl, bet. 5th and 4th Aves.


Meet Up Point

Doors Open at 1:00 PM

CS 154 Harriet Tubman Learning Center, 250 W. 127 St.

Late Registration Center

Open from 4:30 PM to 8 PM

Ruby’s Vintage, 2340 7th Avenue

Where The Crawl Starts

You’ll start at the meet up point---aka the turn up before the turn up.

  • To ensure for a smooth check - in, teams will register at different times. We will notify you in advance to let you know the arrival time for your team’s registration.

  • You’ll check in, get your wristband, map, and cup, then find the rest of your team.

  • Get a chance to mingle, dance, take photos, and get acquainted before we crawl out.

Once everyone is checked in and all of the teams are assembled, your team leader will lead you to all of the bars on your route---starting with the bar that you selected as your first stop when you purchased your tickets.

On The Streets

Have fun, be merry! Your team leader has a Kwanzaa Crawl playlist ready to keep the party going as we walk from bar to bar. Join in, have fun, and be ready to lead some songs of your own! It’s Kwanzaa Karaoke!

Note: Some teams will take the train or a Kwanzaa Crawl dollar van to their first bar. Others will walk.

The Routes

Most bars are anywhere between 5 - 14 mins walking distance. For the few routes where the bars are a bit further away, Kwanzaa Crawl Dollar Van shuttles will help crawlers go the distance.

For a more exciting crawl, routes are set up so that  teams will split up, join together, criss cross, and pass one another in the street. If you pass another team, be sure to shout “Habari Gani!” which is “What’s Up?” in Swahili.

Every route has been pre-determined based on several factors.

What To Bring


A Metrocard

A Full Stomach

A Positive, COOPERATIVE, attitude

Comfortable Shoes

Valid ID showing you are 21 years or older

There will be NO coat check so wear warm clothes, but pack light & layer

Cell Phone Charger


If you’re too intoxicated, venue security will not let you in.

There is security at every bar. We WILL NOT give them a reason to stop our fun.

Do NOT drink and drive. Not even if you “sobered up a little,” not even if you “just live right there.” Don’t try and be a hero.

Please follow the rules of the crawl. There will be no problems if we’re orderly.

By participating in the crawl means you agree to consume alcohol responsibly and to be held accountable for your own actions. Neither Kwanzaa Crawl or participating venues are liable for damage to property or persons. Review full terms and conditions here.

Things To Know

Kwanzaa Crawl is about cooperative work and moving as a collective. While we realize that you could just buy a ticket and do your own thing, Kwanzaa Crawl is about unity. Please do not use this as an opportunity to assert your independence.

The tone we set at Kwanzaa Crawl will set an example for future events. Let’s prove that it’s possible for black and brown people to come together and pool our resources----not for no school or no basketball team, but to do something positive for the community and stay out of trouble.

Be PATIENT.  Venues are prepared and staffed for the event, but please keep in mind that we are packing them to capacity for 8 hours.